Debugging – Emotional and Mental Self Care !

New year is for many of us a symbol of hope, reset of everything that happened and a great chance to start from scratch. A reboot with better programs, ambitious projects and aim to higher satisfaction. Mentally and emotionnally taking care of yourself should not be considered a luxury, but more of a precious time investment. Start with «cleaning-up» your brain from all its accumulated bugs, process and sort out the data and delete useless files from your hard disk. And then, redesign a more resistant and resourceful firewall for 2021.

Maintenance required – What signals should you pay attention to ?

Here are the 10 «Call to Action» or «error notifications» that should get your attention, according to A.Robbins : discomfort, fear, hurt, anger, frustration, disappointment, guilt, inadequacy, overload, loneliness. Your mindset, resilience and creativity are definitely not like a battery that you can keep using without ever recharging it. Not crashing your system require YOU to take actively care of your «inner modem».

Introspection is NEVER a waste of time !

From the experiences that you live, you can gain valuable inputs and learnings if you «pause» and try to understand all the collected variables about feelings, attitudes and thougths that you had. Awareness is the first step to improvement ! That introspection helps you being aware of what drives you, motivates you, and on the opposite, what consumes your energy and shut you down. Take the time to test your functionalities : job, relationships, health, personal growth, hobbies, money, etc, and reorganize your priorities and focus.

Challenge yourself ! Set you SMART objectives !

Do not be afraid of leaving your comfort zone. But instead, DO take actions and test new things. Push yourself to imagine new solutions, new path for your success. Do not let your «predictable» programs limit you. You are the Boss in your own life ! When comes the time to set goals, choose carefully, be realistic and find attractive and engaging projects. The kind that make you think «I want to do that, NO MATTER WHAT…». Ask yourself, what would I be willing to invest to make this run smoothly, and not letting this stay on your mental to-do list for another year.

Stop your inner critical robot voice !

Save time for yourself, list the tasks and actions you should take to reach your goals and set deadlines. Build your personal algorithm for a fulfilling new year. Get both your HEAD and BODY into it ! As A.Einstein said «Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.» Do it another way this time !

More inspired, focused and energized !

It is proved that investing even few minutes everyday to take care and focus on YOU would improve your productivity, effectiveness and mindset. Consider the time you spend on your mobile, PC and tablet, and although fascinating it must be, DO reduce it and come back to your HUMAN essens !

So, What will you do TODAY for your SELF CARE ?

Written by Annabelle, Impuls Coaching.
Visit my website here :

PS : Though none of this is new nor revolutionnary, we tend to forget how important it is. We are not JUST a machine, but still we DO also NEED maintenance sometimes up there !

Credits to my talented photograph, Ileana for the front picture.

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