Fake it till you make it !

When you want to initiate changes in your attitude or competences, the concept of « modeling » another person can really be decisive. At first, you gain inspiration or motivation, but if you really dedicate yourself to embody these new abilities or physical aptitudes, the result can be bluffing.

The impact on reinventing yourself can be huge !

Everyone heard about this English Aphorism « Fake it till you make it » and that is where it takes all its dimension. Act exactly as if you were this self confident person, as if you had this competence already and this unstoppable mindset. Appropriate yourself these traits, repeat these movements and attitudes and eventually let it BE a part of your personnality.

Get new skills, be outstanding, it is YOUR turn to shine !

Modeling is a precious tool that can be used during and between coaching sessions. It will push YOU to go out of your comfort zone, acquire a better control of your body language and feelings and understand the mindset and beliefs behind a successfull performance. It takes a bit of time of « faking » it and training but eventually this will become a natural trait and that is definitely worth it !

Find your experts !

A good modeling project starts with finding your real-life « experts ». You combine both external observation and direct interview to get WHAT they do, WHAT they think, WHAT they feel and believe in when doing it. Then try it yourself, condition body and mind and make it work for you.

Enjoy how this become part of yourself !

Everyone can be best at something, we all have our talents that also interest others, it does not need to be big or small. Just meaningfull and important for you ! For me, I took 30 years to be able to swim. I could barely be in water at all. Benefit from coaching, finding my « experts », interview and observe them has been decisive. Physical training did the rest and I eventually became a swimmer.

But it all starts with a dream to make things happen ! And coaching can help you take the first steps to make you dreams be REAL 🙂

PS : Share this article if you like it 🙂 but even better, take a chat with me to discuss what you have in mind and make your project a real thing !

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