Resilience Workshops

Co-created and co-facilitated with Aurora Ballesteros, Coach Holistic :

Why joining our Resilience Workshop ?

This last year pushed us to live more or less constantly with an unpleasant feeling of grief. Loss of loved ones for some of us, loss of normalty. For everyone.

If some could find a bliss in this «unfortunate break», exploring their creativity, developping new skills, that doesn’t describe the majority of us.

We simply were deprived all of a sudden from any appealing future and thus, the human connections we relied on. From the mental health perspective, the major consequence and feeling that spreads was called «languishing».

«Being depressed» wouldn’t fit always, as we not necessarily feel drained and worthless although we struggle. We could continue our lives, in «auto-mode», adapt to the new routines but somehow not even coming back any closer to our prepandemic «drive» and happiness.

Our Resilience Workshop were made as an «antidote» to languishing, food for brain and soul.

Our next events in September 2021, 1 date in French and 1 in English :

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