How coaching can raise you up ?

Never too late … to be yourself and develop yourself.

  • Demotivated at work ? Burn-out ?
    • Develop your career ?
  • Lost the drive in what you are doing ?
    • Want to know you better ? Need change ?
  • Improve your communication & relationships ?
    • Increase your performance and time-efficiency ?
  • Free time for your hobbies and passions ?

Pragmatic and powerful ! NLP, Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a coaching approach to communication and personal development. The NLP methods are based on self-awareness, improve your body/thoughts/words synergy, expand your perspectives, choose your emotions, behaviours and thus, get more fulfilling results.

Be more aware of what matters to you, break old patterns and elevate yourself !

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About Impuls Coaching

Certified Business & NLP Coach from NOCNA, Nordic Coach & NLP Academy
Member of NFCN, Norwegian Association for Coaching & NLP

My Story, My Mission !

Annabelle Laurent, dedicated, dynamic and enthusiastic person.
Atypic background, MBA graduated, Engineer, specialized in Metallurgy, passionate with Gastronomy. In my 20’s, I left a promising career in Reseach to pursuie a passion and open a restaurant. These last 15 years, I have had several roles, from Sales to Management, discovering the added value that Coaching and NLP can bring to a working environment.

I founded Impuls Coaching, specialized in Career, Life coaching & Personal Development. I connected together coachs from different approaches (Erickson, Holistic & NLP) to encourage cooperation between peers, expand our knowledge and arrange larger Coaching events.

Trust, transparency, respect and authenticity are my core values !

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Services and prices

I provide an energizing and multi-disciplinary coaching to share with you my understanding of the human interactions and behaviours.
Individual in-person or video sessions, Team workshops & Seminars.

Unformal discussion for information or details about your coaching project / Free of charge


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Phone : +47 94 84 23 00

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